Which water is better to consume?

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Which water is better to consume?



Now that we have your attention on water consumption, we need to research which water is the best to consume. If you are like us than your mind is set on all water is better than tap water. Let us take a second to verify our hypothesis and see if we stand correct. We will research tap, purified, spring and alkaline water sources. As each water holds different benefits. Than you will conclude which water source is best for your intake.

Tap water is a municipal water from your government officials that comes out of our faucets. It is purified with chlorine and fluoride to disinfect bacteria. As some of you guys know, chlorine is not good for the body. It has been linked to cancer! Also the pipes that feeds our faucet water also feeds it lead. It is best to avoid lead because too much lead can damage various systems of the body including the nervous and reproductive systems and the kidneys, and it can cause high blood pressure and anemia.

Fresh spring water obtained directly from an uncontaminated source and stored in glass may in fact be the best water for human consumption. Spring water is naturally filtered, rich in natural minerals and is known to have incredible healing properties. But let’s be honest the spring water we currently consume isn’t fresh spring water. As a matter of fact it is bottled natural spring water. Natural spring water flows up from a natural spring and is bottled at the source.They are chlorinated, these spring waters are virtually indistinguishable from chlorinated tap waters. Once the tanker truck water reaches the bottling facility, a carbon filtration process is used to remove the chlorine. However, most of the other impurities remain. The “spring” water then has to go through more treatment – like micron filtration to take out floating particles and more zonation before being put into the water bottles.

Most bottled water suggest that it is purified water. But is it the purest water in the market? Well by regulations it is pure because it meets the standards in removing water impurities to an extreme low level. Making purified water better to consume than tap, filtered and spring water. While most people assume purified and filtered water are alike, it is not. Purified water reverses osmosis and distillation, along with others purification processes.

Now researchers have now say that alkaline water ionizers are the best water filtration systems. First because it is a healthy way to lose weight. Study shows that people who drink alkaline water lost an average of 12 pounds in 2 months. It has been linked into maintaining your metabolism, reducing your appetite, and support healthy probiotics. It helps with your pH balance by being high in pH water. You can set the level of alkalinity you desire. Which is great as a skin rejuvenator, the pH water decreases signs of wrinkles, eczema, acne, dryness, psoriasis and more. High in antioxidants by its low oxygen reduction potential (ORP). It is said to be as low as -450 in ORP.

So as we concluded tap water is not an option not even for bathing or cooking! The following waters all have their benefits depending on the minerals that are added in and the filtration process. Fresh spring water if we are lucky to consume will be best for us to drink and bathe in. But once it goes in the bottle or isn’t package properly loses its purity. Purified water is beneficial to bathe in but 1 gallon cost $1.49 on average so each shower will cost $13.41. As drinking wise, purified water depends on the company.

As some companies do the bare minimum in purification others take pride in providing the best purified water. Natural Spring water is a fancy way of saying filtered tap water, so we will past. Alkaline ionized water can be a hit or miss. We will need to measure our pH balance before consuming because it may off balance us by having too many pH in our system. We believe we should do a week study and see if we lose weight off of alkaline water only. That 12 pounds in 2 months sounds pretty tempting here in our Sculpting Goddess office. It is safe to say water is very valuable in our life but so are the filtration process. Instead of selecting by cost we should select by benefits.

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